About E Week India

For one week, lakhs of people across the country will come together to celebrate Entrepreneurship Week India. Designed to build public awareness and support for entrepreneurship, E Week India focuses public attention on today's biggest opportunities and encourages participants to reflect on their role as leaders and innovators. The campaign is led by the National Entrepreneurship Network and supported by the Wadhwani Foundation.

By far the largest entrepreneurship activity in the country, E Week's dramatic results in the past - building support for entrepreneurs - is encouraging ever more participation. This year's E Week is set to engage over 6,00,000 participants. The campaign will see active involvement of more than 30 organizations that support entrepreneurship; corporate entities; industry captains, experts, non-profits, and faculty leaders to inspire, encourage, and guide students.

E Week India 2010 from NEN on Vimeo.

E Week India 2011 Theme: Ideas for India

India's E Week will continue its focus on India's opportunities in 2011. As the country's economy grows at a break-neck pace, against the backdrop of decreasing technology costs, friendlier government policies and wealthier consumers, it is poised to unlock a breathtaking range of opportunities for its entrepreneurs across several sectors: From healthcare to IT to energy to education to waste management and transportation and more. Through a range of activities and programs, E Week India will focus the country's young minds on making the most from these opportunities.

Participation, Awards and Recognition

During E Week, participants on and off campuses across the country - students, entrepreneurs, faculty members, industry leaders and key members of the community - will take the E Week Pledge and engage in thousands of events. These include competitions, expositions, educational movie screenings, leadership and motivation talks with successful entrepreneurs, panel discussions, business plan and skillsbuilding workshops, business and tech bazaars, awareness campaigns and more. In addition, participants can sign up on the E Week website to share their experiences, view events information, and connect with the larger NEN community.

E Week will culminate on 12th February, 2011 with a gala Awards Ceremony in Bangalore. NEN member academic institutes will be chosen for the E Week India 2010 Championship Awards as well as 3 Special Awards: 1) E Week @ School Award 2) Nilima Rovshen Creativity and Innovation Award 3) Most Effective Public Awareness Campaign Award. Student representatives of the Award winners will be flown to Bangalore for the Awards Ceremony attended by students from various institutes,eminent people from the industry and the government.

Join the celebration: Help create a stronger, entrepreneurial India!

E Week India: We Can. We Will.