Interested in organizing an activity for Entrepreneurship Week India? Great! To get an idea of what you can do, check out our list of exciting, learning-oriented activities. These activities are flexible – you can bend them any way, depending on your audience, topic or objective.

Cover Story

A game based on pure imagination, COVER STORY helps participants to suspend all disbelief and pretend as though the future has already taken place and been reported by mainstream media. The activity gets participants to imagine how they can find solutions to India’s biggest challenges by reporting it in the form of a ‘cover story’ in a magazine.

Download: ‘Cover Story’ Exercise Guide

Think ‘inside’ the box

This exercise is all about thinking within a box! This is a hands-on designing experience to create packaging for a new product keeping in mind the product USP and features, pricing and also understanding how to communicate with customers.

Download: ‘Think ‘inside’ the box’ Exercise Guide

Paper Planes

An ideal activity to conduct on your campus during E Week, ‘Paper Planes’ is a fun way to generate ideas with a group of people by flying paper places around the room!

Download: ‘Paper Planes’ Exercise Guide

Topsy Turvy

Brainstorm on what you can do to make a bad problem worse! Have fun with Topsy Turvy by breaking traditional rules and indulging yourself in some absolutely crazy thinking—all to stimulate you to be more innovative and creative.

Download: ‘Topsy Turvy’ Exercise Guide


Ideathon is a simple activity that helps participants look for ideas during a 30 minute walk in the neighbourhood. This exercise helps to look at opportunities all around us and understand the role and demand of the external environment during the process of idea generation..

Download: ‘Ideathon’ Exercise Guide


Constraints and limitations are central to all innovation and creativity, especially in entrepreneurship ventures. Making innovative use of available resources is also an inherent quality that an entrepreneur has. This exercise will help orient students and help them develop these skills.

Download: ‘Productomime’ Exercise Guide